Top 2024 Grocery Saving Apps For Canadians

Top 2024 Grocery Apps for Canadians

Fight to change food costs with Grocery Apps in 2024. Canadians need an edge to stay afloat, and Grocery Apps can provide budget-friendly options.

Many people struggle to pay sale prices for groceries, let alone full prices, as shrinkflation and priceflation explode.

With the cost of living, interest hikes, and overall debt-to-income ratio, it’s easy to understand why Canadians rely on grocery apps that help save money on food.

According to The Canada Food Price Report, grocery bills are expected to increase by $700 in 2024 for a family of four.

The 14th annual report by four universities estimates that the annual food expenditure for a family of four will hit $16,297.20 in 2024, an increase of $701.79 from this year

National Post

Top 2024 Grocery Saving Apps For Canadians
Top 2024 Grocery Saving Apps For Canadians

Struggling Food Banks Across Canada

Food bank usage is at an all-time high with a surge of newcomers to Canada, including students who can’t afford to eat.

The other problem is if people are struggling to feed themselves, there’s less, if anything, to donate.

Although the CEOs of Canada’s biggest grocery chains have agreed to work on stabilizing grocery prices, they are nowhere near hitting a home run.

“Food is too expensive for too many families and they’re making record profits and that’s why we’re holding them to account,” Trudeau said on his way into the House of Commons.

Trudeau promised last week to introduce a number of amendments to the Competition Act.

Those amendments would give the Competition Bureau powers to compel information from grocery companies, restrict mergers between companies and prevent large grocers from starving out smaller competitors.

CBC Grocery CEOs Meet

Understanding The Affects Of Grocery Inflation

Over the holidays, we did something that changed our overall views about people experiencing homelessness and food insecurity in our community.

I’m not one to talk about situations where we’ve helped others in dire need, as I’m not looking for praise.

However, in this case, I feel it’s essential to reach out to everyone, as all communities across Canada are suffering from rising food and rent costs.

A one-bedroom apartment in our city averages just over $2000, a far cry from $700 in 2001 when Mrs. CBB was a renter.

The minimum wage in 2001 was $8.65; today, in 2024, it is $16.50, yet rental prices have more than doubled.

Add on the ever-increasing costs of food, utilities, and clothing (even second-hand stores) paired with debt, and it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Recently, some Canadians have found themselves being renovicted where the landlord evicts tenants, renovates, and rents the unit for a hire rental fee.

The struggle is real for people looking to rent as it’s challenging to find affordable units, and many leave bedroom rentals as a last option before being homeless.

Feeding People In Need Using Grocery Apps

Just before New Year’s 2024, we went on the Flashfood App to see if we could purchase discounted food for people without housing.

Luckily, there were many bagels and English muffins for under $1 per package, so we bought them all.

We searched for more deals before picking up our order at Zehrs and stumbled upon 50% off sandwiches and subs, so we bought them all.

Unfortunately, the 50% off reduced stickers are no longer available in Loblaws stores as they’ve reduced the savings to 30% to stay competitive with other grocery stores.

A trip through the bakery offered four large racks of 50% off discounted products.

This is what else we bought:

  • Two types of muffins: Double Chocolate and Blueberry.
  • Bakery Cookies, which were chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin.
  • Cheese buns from the in-store bakery.

By the end of our rounds walking downtown, all the food was handed out.

While chatting with people, many living in tents, we learned of other necessities they needed.

We never thought to buy cases of water and juice, but we will the next time, along with a needs list that we complied with the information.

Hearing their stories was heartwrenching because they are all unique and detailed.

What Are Grocery Apps?

Grocery apps are websites or mobile apps that allow users to save money or get cashback to buy groceries or other budget necessities.

Typically, the user records receipts, answers surveys, orders coupons, finds deals, sources deals, and surfs the web.

Almost always free grocery apps, they have quickly become the top money-saving applications for Canadians.

First Place To Look For Grocery Savings

We consistently review the weekly flyers before jetting off to the mobile apps.

If you use the Flipp mobile app or, it also has the grocery flyers listed.

Mobile apps for groceries are fantastic for people who don’t get paper flyers delivered or if they go missing.

Also, the flyers for Canadian grocery stores often state if there are exclusive deals or coupons on their website for subscribers.

For example, Food Basics often has online coupons and deals for users of the Food Basics Mobile App.

Loblaw stores also use a mobile app to offer exclusive deals to shoppers who use their app.

Exclusive deals are based on what you have purchased in the past, as the store knows this information each time you tap your rewards card for points.

Find out more about Canadian grocery stores and which supermarkets are the cheapest.

Checkout 51

Best Canadian Cashback Grocery App Checkout51

Unfortunately, there aren’t many apps in Canada like Checkout 51 that offer cashback for groceries.

We’ve been using Checkout 51 for years to earn cashback on food, gas, alcohol, cleaning products, hygiene, and more.

  • Download the free app on the App Store and Play Store. Create your account in minutes to start saving today!
  • Your offer list updates on Thursdays with new saving opportunities. Just add your favorite offers to your shopping list.
  • Tap “Redeem” and check off the items you purchased on your receipt. This tells our system what to look for.
  • After making your selections, use the app’s built-in camera feature to take clear, readable photos of your receipt.
  • When your receipt is approved, we credit your account with Cash Back. Cash out when you hit $20. Woohoo!

Pros: Cashback on everyday grocery items that you can redeem as savings.

Country Available: Canada and USA

Sign Up Here: Checkout 51 Desktop or mobile app


Flashfood Logo 2024
Logo FlashFood 2024

Flashfood grocery deals have quickly become one of the top mobile apps Canadians use to save money on food.

Ren’s Pet Depot also has a hook on FlashFood if you have pets and want to save money on food.

Pros: It is the best app to find cheap groceries in Canada, used by Loblaws stores such as Real Canadian Superstore, No Frills, and Zehrs.

Pros: Discounts on grocery products and other items are at local Loblaw grocery stores.

Country Available Canada and USA

Sign Up Here: Free Sign up for the Flashfood app now.

  • Open the Flashfood App
  • Your referral can enter your code MOCD28ZN4 within 2 locations in the app: During Sign-up On the earn/rewards screen.
  • Please copy and paste my referral code, MOCD28ZN4.
  • Your first purchase must be over $15 for you and your referral to get the $3 credit.
  • A $3 credit is applied to their first order at checkout!

A user can only be a referee once; the $15 minimum must be made in a single transaction.

Nielsen Homescan Canada- Scan Your Groceries

The NielsenIQ Homescan program is open in both French and English.

The Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel comprises thousands of households nationwide that have chosen to have their say and make a difference while earning great rewards.

By scanning the barcodes on groceries and completing opinion surveys, Homescan® panelists make their opinions count in the Canadian marketplace by influencing product manufacturers and retailers.

Being a member of Nielsen Homescan brings many rewards, and you must scan your shopping with a handheld device for free.

You can read my full review of Nielsen Homescan Canada.

Food Hero Grocery App

FoodHero App Canada Bonus Code
FoodHero App Canada Bonus Code

Like Flashfood, Food Hero services Quebec and Montreal but not Ontario.

Users will find produce, meat, and prepared foods with shorter lifespans, so you’ll find many of these types of items, but you will also find dry goods and non-perishables, dairy products, specialty items, and more.

They are partnered with IGA, Metro, Rachelle-Béry, and Marché Tradition.

All you do is load the app and browse grocery stores and restaurants in your area to find great deals on groceries and prepared foods.

Make your purchases directly within the app, then pick up your items at the store location.

Once you are officially signed up, Use my code moc102, and you’ll automatically receive $5 in FoodHero credits on your first order!

I will also get $5, but since I don’t live in the area, I will look into donating the money.

To place an order, choose a store close to you and add items to your cart.

Then, pick the best time to pick up your order in-store and the payment method.

Once the transaction is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation with your pick-up time, the store contact information, and pick-up instructions.

It’s comparable to click-and-collect at grocery stores when you get a pickup window to keep things organized.

Food Hero accepts debit and credit cards: Visa/Visa Debit, Mastercard/Mastercard Debit and Amex.

You can also pay through services such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Pros: Excellent pricing on last-day grocery products and prepared meals from local restaurants.

Country Available: Canada

Sign Up Here: Free Sign Up For Food Hero. Use my code moc102 to get $5!

Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go Grocery Apps Canada
Too Good To Go Grocery Apps Canada

Food waste is a big problem, and we can be a solution.

Unsold food at the end of the day?

Thousands of businesses use Too Good To Go to put their surplus straight into the hands of happy customers and give good food a second chance.

Too Good To Go is the app that lets you rescue unsold food at your favorite spots from an untimely fate.

Use the app to explore shops and restaurants in your local area and save surprise bags of surplus food at a great price from going to waste.

Are you feeling hungry?

With the Too Good To Go app, you can eat well while making an impact.

Save Surprise Bags of good food at an even better price from restaurants and shops near you.

  • Rescue Good Food From Local Favorites
  • Enjoy 1/3 Off The Original Price
  • Help The Planet By Preventing Waste

Pros: Reduced Food From Restaurants, Fast Food, Less Food Waste

Country: Canada

Sign Up Free: Too Good To Go

Many Penny

Real-Time Pricing

Many Penny is new to the Canadian scene, which is your pocket price checker for real-time comparisons – skip the flyers, scan, and save!

Prices can fluctuate daily. With Many Penny, you get the latest pricing trends and the best deals without the headache of manual tracking.

Canadians can trust Many Penny to keep them ahead of the curve so they can focus on making smart choices.

  • Instant price comparisons
  • Effortless deal hunting
  • Price drop alerts

Join Many Penny today

What is Many Penny?

Many Penny is an innovative price comparison and alert app that aims to transform your shopping experience.

The app provides real-time price comparisons across major Canadian chains, price drop alerts, personalized shopping lists, comprehensive price tracking, and more.

How does Many Penny work?

After creating your account, add items to your shopping list, and they’ll instantly compare prices across various stores, saving you time and money.

If a price drop occurs on an item you’ve favorited, they’ll immediately notify you.

Why choose Many Penny?

They offer a service that goes beyond traditional flyers and single-store apps.

Their extensive database gives up-to-date pricing, ongoing promotions, and historical pricing data.

They also provide personalized shopping experiences and prioritize user privacy.

Join Many Penny today

All plans include:

  • Unified shopping experience: Say goodbye to juggling between sites or apps
  • Continuously updated product listings
  • Intuitive interface for a seamless journey
  • Secure and reliable account management

Free Many Penny Option

$0/ Forever

  • Convenient product search, including barcode scanning
  • Browse products by category
  • Uniform product categorization across chains
  • Build your shopping lists
  • Select and save your favorite stores

Join Many Penny today

Standard Many Penny Option

Once you register with Many Penny, you’ll receive a month-long preview period free of charge at no cost to you so that you can check out their standard package.

$3.99/ Monthly

  • View and compare product prices across stores.
  • Access to historical price trends
  • Automatic shopping itinerary for the best deals
  • Continuous lookout for optimal deals based on your lists

Pros: Trends, Real-time pricing, comparisons, and best deals based on grocery lists.

Country: Canada

Sign Up Here: Join Many Penny today

Leap Rewards

Leap Rewards Canada Grocery apps
Leap Rewards Canada Grocery apps

Unilever Canada Inc. operates the Leap Rewards Program.

Leap Rewards is an initiative of a collective of brands that want to bring progressive change for everyone through small daily actions.

The App Leap Rewards allows you to buy products with sustainable attributes and plant trees or donate a meal simultaneously so that your actions have a greater impact.

Please browse our catalog to find out more about our sustainable products.

Upload or scan your receipts to earn coins and unlock rewards!

Unlock rewards

Use coins you’ve earned to unlock rewards like donating a meal, planting a tree, or accessing special deals in the reward centre.

Scan your receipt to earn coins.

Upload or scan receipts to earn coins on sustainable products purchased!

Reward yourself. Coupons redeemable at Walmart

Spend your coins to claim coupons and gift cards redeemable at Walmart.

Pros: scan receipts, earn coins towards coupons, complete questionnaires, sustainable initiatives.

Available: Canada

Sign Up Here: Download the Leap Rewards App. Get $2 Free PLUS Use my code: j6dczzm to earn extra coins, plus 200 extra upon signing up.

Leap Rewards Canada Unilever Grocery Apps
Leap Rewards Canada Unilever Grocery Apps

Daily Rewards

Daily rewards partners with brands who want to know consumer opinions (that’s you) and another fun way to earn Paypal Cash or Amazon Gift Cards.

You complete fun online activities such as:

  • Taking Surveys
  • Playing Games
  • Watching Videos
  • Shopping 
  • Getting Deals and more!

Pros: Use Amazon gift cards to buy pantry staples for your kitchen or cash via PayPal.

Available: Canada

Sign Up Here: Sign up Free for Daily Rewards and get a 5 Dollar Bonus!

Please read my review of Daily Rewards.


If you use a computer or mobile phone, surf the web, enjoy surveys, watch videos, play games, and tons more, my Swagbucks review is for you.

At, members earn points for purchases at online stores like Amazon, Walmart, Old Navy, The Bay, Indigo, and more.

Pros: Earn Swagbucks by surfing the web using their Yahoo-powered search engine as your default. Cash in your Swagbucks to use towards many of your favorite stores!

Country Available: Canada and USA

Sign Up Here: If you’d like to try Swagbucks today after reading my review, Click Here and grab your free $10 bonus credit.

PC Optimum


It’s no secret that we love collecting PC Optimum points as we have over 7 million points, which is over $7000 worth of free products, including groceries.

The best tips I can offer you for collecting PC Points fast are to only shop on 20x points days, take advantage of ‘Seniors Day,’ and match sales to points when you shop.

Also, use your PC Elite MasterCard for even more points!

Pros: Collect President’s Choice Optimum Points redeemable for groceries at Loblaws stores and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Whether shopping for your favorite foods, daily essentials, or little indulgences, PC Optimum™ tailors your rewards to match the things you buy most.

Country Available: Canada

Sign Up Here: PC Optimum Canada


Drop Rewards
Drop Rewards

Earn Points by shopping at brands you love through the app, playing games, monthly point drops, and more. The more you do, the more points you’ll earn.

Cha-ching, it’s time to get rewarded!

Once you have collected enough Drop points, redeem them in the app for instant rewards like gift cards to Amazon, Uber, Starbucks, and more.

Pros: Interactive app where you earn the more tasks you complete.

Country Available: Canada

Sign Up Here: Download Drop


Download Caddle to start saving money with cashback rebates on everyday grocery essentials for dining out at your favorite restaurants, shopping online and in-store, and more!

PLUS, make money by answering paid surveys, watching ads, writing reviews & engaging with brands.

Caddle is a FREE and SECURE data insights platform that helps you earn rewards (and real cashback) by answering surveys, watching ads, writing reviews, and engaging with brands you know and love.

Pros: Cashback on grocery essentials to help with your budget.

Country Available: Canada

Sign Up Here: You get $1 for Every Friend You Refer. Sign Up For Caddle and start earning extra cash! Use this code when you sign up: 32OQ34MS52 Canada Coupons Grocery Apps Canada Coupons Grocery Apps

It is one of the best online coupon portals for ordering and printing Canadian coupons.

They work closely with leading Consumer Packaged Goods companies to bring Canadians exclusive coupons on anything from bread to peanut butter to detergent, all in one easy-to-use website.

Save more on your weekly shopping! Browse flyers online from all your local retailers, print coupons, or mail them for FREE.

Download the mobile app to price-match products in-store, organize your shopping list, and get inspired by savings.

Pros: online flyers and deals, print and mail-order coupons, recipes, and a blog

Country Available: Canada

Sign Up Here: is available on PCs, laptops, mobile phones, Play Store, and Apple.


Websaver Canada Grocery Apps
Websaver Canada Grocery Saving App

One of the most popular coupon and cashback websites for Canadians is Websaver.

Websaver works with 90% of Canada’s largest Consumer Packaged Goods Brands on their Coupon Strategies.

Load the latest cashback offers to save even more! Just Select, Load, and Redeem!

Pros: Offers contests, cashback offers, and printable and mail-order Canadian grocery-saving coupons.

Country Available: Canada

Sign Up Here: Websaver Canada

Flipp App

Flipp App Google Play Store
Flipp App Google Play Store

Founded in 2007, Flipp is a technology platform reinventing how people plan their weekly shopping trips.

This is a great way to meal plan using flyer deals or loss leaders to save money on groceries.

North America’s largest retailers and brands use the Flipp platform to create, curate, and distribute daily savings content to millions of highly engaged shoppers.

Millions of shoppers across North America use Flipp as their primary weekly shopping tool to decide what and where to buy.

With the recent acquisition of Reebee, Flipp’s Shopper Consideration Platform offers platform improvements and the ability to reach even more households.

Pros: Find all the deals on products you use, from grocery stores to retail stores, and compare prices for free.

Country Available: Canada

Sign Up HereFlipp App

Amazon Canada Offers Grocery App Savings

To redeem a coupon, click on a time-limited coupon and add the item to your cart.

The discount will be automatically applied when you check out. Some coupons may be available to Prime members only.

Pros: Amazon offers coupons for everyday products, including groceries, outlet and warehouse deals, subscriptions, savings, daily deals, lightning deals, and more for Prime subscribers.

Country Available: Canada

Sign Up Here: Amazon Canada

Check out the Canadian Budget Binder Amazon storefront, where I list products we purchase on sale for our home.

Receipt Hog Grocery App

Cash Back from Receipt Hog is an excellent way to supplement your income.

The Receipt Hog grocery app has become very popular with Canadians.

With a few minutes of your time and grocery receipts, the small amounts earned all add up.

You can read my full Receipt Hog review here.

Pros: You are getting cash back from grocery shopping for a few minutes of your time.

Country Available: Canada

Sign Up Here: First, sign up for Receipt Hog using my Invite page.

As a bonus, Use My code truh799, and I get 250 coins, and you get 5 Hog Slot Spins with the first receipt you submit.

It’s Free Money; you might as well grab it!


RebatesMe Grocery App

This is more than a grocery app for savings; it encompasses retail businesses, such as Best Buy Canada, Old Navy Canada, Walmart Canada, Home Depot Canada, etc.

Also, if you like to shop online in the United States, there are many cash-back offers for subscribers.

Although not a specific grocery app, you can earn cashback to put towards groceries.

Pros: Cashback and an online extension

Join Free today and get a $10 Sign Up Bonus* with your first $10 of earnings.

Pros: Use the Rebates Me online extension for auto discounts and cash back.

Country Available: Canada and USA

Sign Up Here: Use my referral link and get $10


Eclipsa Canada Grocery App
Eclipsa Canada Grocery App

Learn Better and Save with Eclipsa.

Earn cash back on your healthier grocery choices, too. New products are added every week on Thursday.

You can purchase your products at your favorite stores, retailers, and even online!

Browse our weekly offers, purchase the product at any store, take a picture of your receipt using the app, and verify the items on our receipt – and you’re done.

Cashback will be deposited into your account after we review your receipt (generally within 48 hours).

Once you’ve reached $20 in your account, you can cash out (by Cheque or Interac e-Transfer).

Eclipsa is a consumer technology company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.

Eclipse is a free smartphone app enabling members to earn cash back on purchases.

Pros: Earn cashback on groceries and other everyday items, including purchases from Amazon Canada.

Country Available: Deals can be redeemed from any store or retailer in Canada – remember to take a photo of your receipt using the Eclipsa app.

Sign Up Here: From your smartphone, you can download the Eclipse app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Great Canadian Rebates

By joining Great Canadian Rebates as we did, you can enjoy all of the best savings rebates in Canada.

Different grocery apps are great because you can compare the best rebate offers.

Every purchase made through Great Canadian Rebates will qualify for a Cash Back Rebate.

You must have or are willing to sign up for PayPal, which is how they pay you monthly, pending your rebate amount.

They also have an excellent referral program to earn money when your referrals shop for up to 3 years.

We use it to get a higher cashback % than any other app. Worthwhile, You Bet!

Please read my Full Review of Great Canadian Rebates before you sign up.

Pros: It’s an excellent system for anyone who shops online and wants cash back. Take the money and put it towards your grocery budget.

Country Available: Canada

Sign Up Here: Get in on The Great Canadian Rebates.

My Points

MyPoints Canada
MyPoints Canada

Earn points while shopping at your favorite stores.

Join My Points Free and get a $10 Welcome Bonus*

MyPoints members get up to 40% back with every purchase at 2,000 top retailers such as;

  • Walmart
  • Best Buy
  • Home Depot
  • Amazon Canada or Amazon USA

Country Available: Open to U.S. and Canadian residents.

Pros: Using cashback to put towards your groceries!

Sign Up Here: My Points App

Prize Rebel

Join Prize Rebel if you enjoy completing online surveys to earn cash or gift cards.

PrizeRebel is a FREE membership rewards site. We have partnered with many market research companies for your opinion on new products you use daily.

In return for your time and participation, you will earn points, which can be redeemed for brand-name gift cards, online game codes, Amazon Gift Cards, and PayPal cash!

Membership and usage of are FREE. Earn points and redeem your gift cards!

Pros: Redeem gift cards on Amazon to purchase grocery items or cash through PayPal.

Country: PrizeRebel is available globally. So, yes, for Canada. You can still use Prize Rebel to receive great rewards! Survey inventory may vary based on demographics and geographic location, but you can still earn points from completing offer walls and gaining referrals.

Sign Up Here: Join Prize Rebel

Scene Points Turn Into Groceries + More!

Scene Points Grocery Saving Apps Canada
Scene Points Grocery Saving Apps Canada

The Scene program is FREE to join, with so many perks it’s silly not to.

Although it’s accepted elsewhere, we primarily use a Scene Points Card at Cineplex movies.

I learned I could connect our Scene Card with Rakuten, which I did not know about.

Pros About The Scene Card

Turn points into groceries. You can earn even more points with personalized offers and in-store events. Fill your cart and feel the thrill of exciting rewards.

Are you in for extra rewards? Connect to Scene+ Rakuten.

Shop over 600 online retailers and check out the special offers and member-only welcome bonus.

Big rewards. Bigger screen. Earn and redeem points on your movie and entertainment purchases at over 160 Cineplex theatres across Canada and online at the Cineplex Store.

See your points take off — book flights, hotels, and car rentals with Scene+ Travel, Powered by Expedia. Plus, earn on eligible travel purchases, even when you pay with points.

Satisfy your craving for more rewards.

Earn points daily and redeem them when you dine in or take at over 700 participating restaurants. Dinner, done.

More play, less pay. Turn your points into fun times at Playdium, or earn and redeem for games and eats at The Rec Room.

Choose from a range of Scotiabank cards with unique Scene+ benefits. Earn rewards faster by using your card at participating partners.

Earn points for stocking up on essentials for your health and wellness. Watch for personalized offers and in-store events to give your points a boost.

How To Earn Scene Points On Groceries

  • Earn points at participating grocery stores through personalized digital offers, weekly product offers, flyers, and in-store events. Also, get member-exclusive pricing on great products every week.
  • Needs Convenience Only: Members in Atlantic Canada can earn 1 Scene+ Point on every $2 spent on in-store purchases, including the lottery. Members outside of Atlantic Canada can earn 1 Scene+ Point on every $2 spent on in-store purchases, excluding lottery.
  • Redeem 1000 Scene+ points for $10 toward your purchase of eligible products. Please note: You cannot redeem Scene+ points at Needs Convenience stores.

There are so many other perks of owning a Scene card or Scene Credit card that it’s worth exploring.

Earn 2X Scene+ points for every $1 spent at Home Hardware and when paying with your Scotiabank® Scene+™ Visa* card on available products.

Register for Scene Points Now!

How Scene Points Work

Giant Tiger VIP App

Get the GTVIP Card today!
Get the GTVIP Card today!

If you shop at Giant Tiger, load their awesome grocery savings VIP App.

The GTVIP is a free program that offers customers in-store deals, coupons, contests, and bonuses.

There is no need to ‘load’ offers. They are automatically applied if you enter your phone number or scan the barcode in the app at the time of purchase.

As A Giant Tiger VIP, you may be invited to special events and offered promotions.

GTVIP Deals Made Easy
GTVIP Deals Made Easy

Pros: In-Store Deals, Coupons, Contests, Bonus Deals, Personalized Offers, Promotions

Country: Canada

Sign Up Here: GT VIP App Psst: Giant Tiger is on Rakuten (More CashBack)

Giant Tiger VIP Mobile App Grocery Deals
Giant Tiger VIP Mobile App Grocery Deals

Food Basics Grocery Apps

Digital Deal Of The Week Food Basics
Digital Deal Of The Week Food Basics

We shop at Food Basics every week, so we have the mobile app on our phones.

Although there is no rewards program, Food Basics offers exclusive deals to customers with the app.

You’ll also find weekly coupons that you can use online or share with the cashier to save money on groceries.

If you grocery shop at Food Basics, having the mobile app on your phone or using their website is worth it.

Pros: Coupons, Exclusive Deals

Country: Canada

Sign Up Here: Food Basics

Mobile Coupons Food Basics Grocery App
Mobile Coupons Food Basics Grocery App

Metro/ SuperC

Metro Canada Grocery Store Air Miles Rewards Program.
Metro Canada Grocery Store Air Miles Rewards Program.

Sign up for the Metro/SuperC rewards program online or via mobile app.

The benefits are savings for Canadians looking to slash grocery expenses.

For example, you can use your Air Miles card to build reward miles. Every 95 Airmiles you collect equals $10 at the checkout.

Earn AIR MILES Reward Miles(TM) faster by adding coupons and enjoying your offers. Don’t forget to come back regularly to discover new offers.

Super C Grocery Rewards Program Canada.
Super C Grocery Rewards Program Canada.
Metro and Super C Air Miles Rewards Program
Metro and Super C Air Miles Grocery Rewards Program

1. Exclusive Savings

Save on your favorite products with offers tailored to you.

2. Free Groceries Faster

With better AIR MILES® Bonus Offers than ever before, you’ll earn more Miles on everyday essentials in no time.

3. Exclusive Deals and Offers

Be the first to learn about offers that make shopping at Metro more rewarding.

Also, Metro regularly adds coupons to your rewards card, but you must ensure that you upload them for savings.

There are also in-store exclusives for card members.

Pros: Earn Air Miles, Coupon savings, exclusive deals, personalized coupons, flyers, nutritional info. Earn in-store and online.

Country: Canada, except Thunder Bay

Sign Up Here: Metro Air Miles Program, Sign Up for Airmiles

Save-On-Foods More Rewards Grocery Apps

Save On Foods More Rewards Grocery Apps Program
Save-On-Foods More Rewards Grocery Apps Program

Welcome to More Rewards, western Canada’s favorite loyalty program where you can earn points at hundreds of partner locations, get instant savings, and redeem for FREE groceries, travel, gift cards, and more!

Scan your card when you shop with any of our partners to earn points!

My Offers

What are My Offers?

My Offers are digital coupons to help you save money and earn points on your weekly grocery shop.

New offers will be available on many of the brands you love. The process is as simple as 1, 2, 3 – Load, Shop, and Save!

Mega Deal Event – Save-On-Foods

Our biggest points bonus: Get even more points on shopping with My Mega Deal, a personalized points offer just for you. *Minimum spend required

How The Save-On-Foods More Rewards Program Works

Save On Foods More Rewards Grocery App Example
Save-On-Foods More Rewards Grocery App Example

Save Celebrate your well-earned bonus points and savings! All coupons will be reflected on your receipt.

Save On Foods Promo Code First Time Grocery Apps Shopper
Save-On-Foods Promo Code First-Time Grocery Apps Shopper

Pros: Free, Easy Sign-up, Grocery rewards, coupons, and discount codes.

Country: Western Canada

Sign Up Here: Save-On-Foods Grocery App

London Drugs Mobile App LDExtras App
London Drugs Mobile App LDExtras App

LDExtras is a digital loyalty membership program owned and operated by London Drugs.

You can collect points on all eligible in-store purchases or online at London Drugs.

Price matching at London Drugs is allowed!! That’s a huge win right there.

Download the LDExtras App to unlock exclusive offers and rewards.

Get NEW exclusive coupons every month, delivered straight to your smartphone!

We wanted to reward our extra loyal members, so we created two membership types.

  • LDExtras Fans collect 10 Points for every $1 spent on Qualifying Products.
  • LDExtras Faves will collect 15 Points for every $1 spent on Qualifying Products.

To earn LDExtras Fave status, you must have a minimum annual spend of $1000 (CAD) associated with your LDExtras account between January and December of the current calendar year.

You will remain an LDExtras Fave for a minimum of 12 months, but if you do not reach a further minimum spend of $1000 the following calendar year, you will revert to “Fan” status.

You can now choose what you want to use your points for:

  • Exchange 250 points for a 20% discount on any Purchase Protection Plan.
  • Exchange 5000 points for a $5 Reward voucher.
  • Donate 5000 points to one of our charity partners.

Just For You Perks are personalized bonus point offers targeted to LDExtras members based on their past shopping habits.

Pros: No physical card is needed, and it’s free to join the program. $5 Birthday Reward – Watch for an email in the weeks leading up to your birthday to activate your reward, and be sure to start it before the end of your birthday month!

Country: Canadian residents 16 years or older to participate in this program.

Sign Up Here: London Drugs Extras

Shopper’s Voice Canada

You Could Win a Prepaid Card

Enter For a Chance To Win Coupons And Free Samples. Win a $1,500 Gift Card This Month.

Take Our Online Survey Now!

As one of Canada’s leading consumer information providers for over 30 years, Shopper’s Voice carefully gathers opinions, preferences, and insights from shoppers like you through our online consumer opinion survey.

Read my full Shopper’s Voice Review for more information on this program and our personal experiences.

Receipt Jar

Receipt Jar Rewards Program Mobile App
Receipt Jar Rewards Program Mobile App

Receipt Jar is a mobile app that allows users to load their receipts after shopping to earn points.

Once you reach one of the thresholds, you can redeem it for cash, which you can put toward your grocery budget.

How many points do I need to redeem?

  • 1,000 points = $5
  • 2,900 points = $15
  • 3,900 points = $20
  • 9,500 points = $50
  • 19,000 points = $100

How to upload a receipt:

  • Open the App;
  • Click on the camera icon;
  • Take a close-up photo of your receipt on a dark background;
  • Keep snapping if it’s a long receipt & click on “Next”;
  • Done.

It’s So Easy To Earn Receipt Jar Points

  • Take clear pics of your receipts after shopping to earn points.
  • Cash out your ReceiptJar points for gift cards or PayPal.

How do I know what kinds of receipts are accepted?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Did you purchase any physical products? If so, yes it’s accepted. Exceptions include but not limited to: hotel fees, train tickets, lottery tickets, internet phone bills
  2. Was the purchase date within 7 days from now? If so, yes, it’s accepted;
  3. Have I submitted this receipt before? If no, then yes it is accepted.

What is the Golden Jar Reward?

The Golden Jar Reward is a fantastic feature that allows you to earn fixed points every four weeks.

By consistently uploading receipts every week, you’ll have the opportunity to fill three blue jars—one for each week.

Once you’ve filled all three jars, a single approved receipt is all it takes to complete the Golden Jar and claim your reward!

Receipt Jar Canada Canadian Budget Binder Referral Code
Receipt Jar Canada Canadian Budget Binder Referral Code

Pros: Cash for uploading your receipts! You can’t beat that. Progress to different jar levels for more points.

Country: Canada

Sign up Here: Use my referral code CANAC6M43 for 200 pts FREE!! Download the Receipt Jar App or Sign up for Receipt Jar Online.

Crossing The Border To Find Cheap Groceries

I asked my readers if they crossed the border to buy groceries, and most said it wasn’t worth the exchange rate.

Often, the only time they would cross the border to buy groceries was to purchase items we don’t offer at Canadian grocery stores.

I don’t see it improving with more and bigger options. I’ve never been to US for groceries, but I know many people who do.

They make a weekend of it and sentiment year and stay at the local slide/pool event hotel, and shop for 2 days.

If the average Costco haul is $800-1000, that’s easily a $2000-$3000 weekend and I don’t have that kind of disposable income.

Anonymous FB Reader

Regarding cross border shopping. I go down to Bellingham WA from B.C. and honestly it’s not to save money, the prices at Costco are often times the same but add exchange and it’s more money.

I do buy clothes for the kids for less but if I have to pay duty (I’ve not had to yet) then it wouldn’t be worth it. I go to Walmart mainly for items I can’t get in Canada and again the prices are high.

The only reason I like to go is for the variety and availability of specialty items for my low carb lifestyle. When we were restricted due to Covid, I didn’t miss it at all. I hope that helps.

Anonymous FB Reader

Shop Independent Grocery Stores For Savings

Besides all the grocery apps and hoopla, don’t forget the little guys who are very competitive against the big corporation stores.

Angela Donnelly, co-owner of Raise the Root Organic Market in Toronto, is fighting back with lower produce costs.

According to a CityNews article, this small Lesliville grocery store compares grocery prices and posts the list on the front door for customers to see.

Although she says grocery prices at her store are not the lowest on everything, they can set prices to be competitive.

Donnelly told CityNews the family-owned supermarket can charge less than big chains like Loblaws and Metro, partly because the purchasing is done individually.

Remember your local grocery store, markets, and farmers when shopping for the best prices.

Final Thoughts About Canadian Grocery Apps

If you are a student, check with your University or College to see if any local area businesses, including major grocery stores, offer student discounts.

For example, McMaster University in Hamilton has a detailed savings list for their students for area businesses.

Grocery / Pharmacy

  • Fortino’s offers a 10% discount to students on Tuesdays.
  • Food Basics offers a 10% discount to students on Tuesdays.
  • Shoppers Drug Mart offers a 20% discount to students on Thursdays.
  • Bulk Barn offers a 10% discount to students on Wednesdays.

These discounts will go a long way in helping you cut grocery costs, especially if you pair them with grocery apps, coupons, and other rewards.

Lastly, planning is the best thing you can do for your grocery budget because using grocery apps is only part of the savings process.

Find more cashback and savings apps on my Canadian, Savings, Deals, and Coupons Page.

Thanks for stopping by.


Discussion: What are your favorite Canadian grocery apps? Why do you like them?

Please leave me comments below and share your experiences.

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